Student Highlights

Welcome to Student Highlights! 

Another AAAHmazing 2011/2012 year of singing!  Congratulations to all the students for excellent performances in the Kiwanis Music Festival and to those who participated in 2012 production of EVITA!  All students were winners in their classes and categories this year.  Great work from newcomer Chiara Mason and Adrienne Penner.  Great work from Carleigh Dean Junior Classical Voice Alternate for Provincials!

Highlights are: 

EMILY ALLIN:   Classical Intermediate WINNER  for Voice at Provincials held in Nanaimo in May. 

(Emily was also chosen as Intermediate rep for Musical Theatre as well but only being able to choose one – chose to represent our festival in the Classical category.

SAIGE CARLSON:  Classical Senior WINNER in both the Classical AND Vocal Variety Competitions in Nanaimo!!! 

Saige will also be doing her grade 10 piano exams in June.  Way to go Saige!  Onwards to Nationals next year!

LUCAS PENNER: Accepted into both Univerity of McGill in Montreal and University of Toronto voice performance programs.  He has chosen Toronto – so Congratulations to you and good luck out east in the fall!

LUCAS PENNER, EMILY ALLIN, SAIGE CARLSON and BEAMER WIGLEY were all major scholarship winners this year!

Good Luck to CARLEIGH DEAN and ADRIENNE PENNER who are off to a two week  Opera Lab course in Victoria this summer at St Michaels University!

Welcome Back TEIGAN LITKE!  Teigan spent several months in Quebec on a student exchange program.  We will look forward to some great singing from her next term!


Have a great summer everyone!

Wow!  2010/2011 has proven to be another great success for all the students that participated in the fashion show To Russia With Love in November, the musical CHESS in January, and then a full program of songs to win many awards in our music festival in April 2011!  Great job to Lucas Penner for his amazing performance as the Russian Sergievsky!  Also kudos to Saige Carlson, Cassie Carlson, Emily Allin, Kirsti Hack, and Tia Mueller for their awesome singing and dancing!

Congratulations to the following performers for their accomplishments in the 2011 Penticton Kiwanis Music Festival (Note: Musical Theatre Awards not avail):

Emily Allin                             Folk Song Award, Intermediate/Senior

Saige Carlson                         List A Intermediate, Medallions Additional Repetoire, Lieder, Art Song, Oratorio, Concert Group

Vernon United Church Cup

Carleigh Dean                         List B Junior Award & Medallion

Kirsti Hack                             List B Senior, Additional Repetoire, Soundstage Trophy Musical Theatre Solo

Kalina Leonardi                       List B Junior, Medallion 20 & 21st century

Teigan Litke                           Additional Repetoire Award & Medallion

Tia Mueller                              Medallion 20 & 21st century

Lucas Penner                          List A award, Medallion List A Senior, Folk Song, Art Song, Concert Group

Beamer Wigley                       Award & Medallion Folk Song


Kalina Leonardi     Junior Classical Delegate

Teigan Litke          Junior Music Theatre Delegate       Runner-up Junior Vocal Variety

Saige Carlson       Intermediate Classical Delegate     WINNER Intermediate Classical/  WINNER Intermediate Vocal Variety

Lucas Penner       Senior Classical Delegate              Runner-up Senior Vocal Variety

Kirsti Hack           Senior Music Theatre Delegate

****CONGRATULATIONS to LUCAS PENNER and SAIGE CARLSON for completing their Grade 9 singing exams with the Royal Conservatory with FIRST CLASS HONORS!!!!!

This vocal year  2009/2010 has been an intense and truly rewarding one for everyone involved in the voice studio .  We have accomplished much with many of Lynne’s students winning awards in both the Classical and MusicTheatre categories.  CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING!:

Music Theatre Awards: 

Saige Carlson         Ballad Award/Medallion  Intermediate/Senior

Kalina Leonardi       Ballad Award, Medallion Comedy Junior

Teigan Litke             Comedy Award, & Additional Rep, Junior

Lucas Penner          Medallion Comedy, Medallion Ballad, Medallion Duet, Senior

Danelle Schiele      Ballad Award, Intermediate Encouragement Award, Intermediate/Senior

Sam Welch             Medallion Duet Senior

Michelle Younie       Senior Encouragement Award, Medallion Additional Rep, Honourabel Mention, Senior

Classical Vocal Awards:

Emily Allin                Art Song Award/Medallion, Folk Song Award/Medallion, Additional Rep Award/Medallion, Medallion List A, Medallion Duet Intermediate/Senior

Jamie Atkins            Honorable Mention

Lauren Atkins          Art Song Award, Medallion Sacred Song, Medallion Lieder, Medallion Art Song Intermediate/Senior

Saige Carlson         Medallion Concert Group, Medallion duet, Encouragement Award, Intermediate/Senior

Kelsey Davie           Folk Song Award/Medallion, Canadian Song Award/Medallion, Medallion Art Song Junior

Nicholas Filipovic     Medallion Sacred Song,  Honorable Mention

Kalina Leonardi       Additional Repetoire/Medallion, Medallion List A, Medallion Art Song Junior

Teigan Litke             Medallion Twenteth Century, Honorable Mention Junior

Lucas Penner          Folk Song Award/Medallion, Medallion List A, Honourable Mention Senior


Kalina Leonardi           Classical Voice, Junior Delegate

Lauren Atkins              Classical Voice, Intermediate Delegate

Emily Allin                    Classical Voice, Intermediate Alternate

Teigan Litke                 Musical Theatre, Junior Delegate

Kalina Leonardi           Musical Theatre, Junior Alternate

Saige Carlson             Musical Theatre, Intermediate Delegate

Emily Allin                    Musical Theatre, Intermediate Observer

Lucas Penner             Musical Theatre, Senior Delegate/ WINNER!!!