Past Improvements

Early Beginnings

In 1990, when Marci Melton, a ballet instructor with the Penticton School of dance, was struggling to program lights for the Cleland Community Theatre along with John Clarke, the theatre technical advisor, they had no idea their frustrations would create something wonderful.

That frustration resulted in years of fund raising efforts, involving the contributions of many talented people within the Penticton community. This legacy continued on long past Marci’s retirement in 2000 to vastly improve the theatre’s functional and technical capabilities.

A computerized lighting control system was one of the first upgrades to the theatre that was funded by Soundstage. The Strand GXS lighting board with Genius and Kaleidoscope lighting software (150 channels) makes complex lighting cues and changes a breeze. A show’s impact depends greatly on the mood and drama that lighting can create.

Putting the “Sound” in Soundstage

While the theatre’s acoustics are excellent, there was still a need for amplification of sound effects. Continuing under the direction of Lynne Leydier, monies raised through productions funded upgrades to speakers, amplifiers, microphones and other audio components to vastly improve the effectiveness of the facility’s capability.