Lynne Leydier Director, Soundstage Productions
Some volunteers became the core of what Soundstage is today. From the start Lynne Leydier, a soprano and voice teacher in the community, contributed her talents as music director and performer in Soundstage's early programs
Andrew SmithStrategic Coordinator
Soundstage remains a vital presence in the arts community of Penticton. Now in its twentieth year, Soundstage has long outgrown its role as a fundraising vehicle for the Cleland Theatre. Having several years ago moved its home to the Penticton Lakeside Resort, Soundstage has matured into a strong production company that continues to grow and challenge all who are a part and keep their audiences coming back year after year.
Lynne Leydier A.R.C.T Director of SOUNDSTAGE PRODUCTIONS

Voice Teacher - BCRMTA

Royal Conservatory Exams

Music Theatre Coach